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Send real-time promos directly to your customers

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Once you have built your customer list, you have the ability to send promos directly to your customers. Sign in to to create your promo and send it out through email, text message, and social media!



Your real-time promo will be sent to everyone in your audience directly.

If you're using Clover Rewards in addition to Promos, your real-time promo will also be sent to your customers who have already signed up for Perka.



Customize your promo and set how long you want it to run. Click "Next" when you're finished. You can always make changes before you send it out.



Once you've created your promo, choose how you want to share it. You can send it directly via email, text message, and the Perka app. You can also link your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so your promo will be shared to all your followers.



For merchants on the Basic subscription level, you can send a limited number of real-time promos for free. After that, the cost is 10¢ per audience member (so if you have ten people in your audience, each real-time promo costs $1.00 to send out). Upgrading to the Plus subscription gives you access to unlimited real-time promos and many additional features.



When customers are ready to redeem your promo, find Perka at checkout and select the customer's name or use your Clover to scan their QR code.



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