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Using Rewards with the Sale app for the Payments Plus Bundle

Frank Scarfone -


If you have a Clover running the Payments Plus bundle, you may notice the functionality of Rewards is a bit different.

To award a customer points: 

1) Tap Perka from the payment screen

2) A listing of checked in customers will appear in the Rewards drawer

3) Rewards will convert the purchase price into Rewards points (points round up)


4) Tap apply and finish processing the transaction:


To redeem points:

If a customer wants to redeem a perk, have them check in like they normally would.

If your program includes a "Free Item" , the perk will have to be discounted manually. 

(Scenario 1:)

A customer comes in and wants to redeem their free coffee punchcard and also get a muffin. Just ring up the muffin, tap on Perka and redeem the free coffee. This will only charge the customer for the muffin, and deduct the free coffee from the customer's account.


(Scenario 2:) 

A customer comes in and only wants to redeem their free coffee. Just tap on the Rewards icon from the home screen of the Clover, and redeem the perk. This will deduct the free coffee and not charge the customer anything. No need to even open the Sales app.


If you're on a points program with a '$ off', or '% off' perk, tapping redeem will automatically discount the total cost with that perk.

(Scenario 3:)

If a customer comes in and spends $11, but wants to redeem their $5 off perk, type in the total cost ($11) and tap on Perka. You'll notice they have a perk that's available to redeem. Tap redeem and apply. The $5 will be automatically discounted, and you'll be brought back to the payment screen to finish the transaction for the rest of the purchase ($6). The customer's account will be deducted the amount of points required for that perk. They'll also receive points for the additional money spent ($6).


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