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Setting up Clover Rewards

Frank Scarfone -


Setting up Rewards on your Clover device could not be simpler! Open the Rewards app on your Clover device, and select "Get Started" to create your Rewards program, or "Learn more" for a demonstration of how Rewards works.


We'll suggest a loyalty program that works best for your business type. If it works for you, great! If not, customize the offer so it works best for you. Tip: keep it as simple as possible for a successful loyalty program.


Select "More options" to see other types of offers you can create. Find the best fit for you and your customers!


You'll need to link items from your Clover inventory if you're creating a "free item" perk. This will make check-out a smooth and fast process. If you're not sure, you can always make changes to your Rewards program later.


Once you select "Create perk", your Rewards rewards program will be live and ready to roll out to your customers! 


Some helpful links for getting started:

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