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Set up customer bonuses to offer even more incentives

Joel -


Merchants who have opted for the Plus subscription level have access to a variety of additional bonuses to incentivize customers to keep coming back. Sign in to your Rewards dashboard and find the Program tab to get started.



A Welcome Bonus is a highly effective way to quickly enroll more customers in your loyalty program. A welcome bonus will only be visible for customers who have not yet checked-in to your program using the Perka app. They can redeem it on their first visit and start coming back to earn more rewards. 



The Regulars Bonus is similar to the Welcome Bonus but only a select group of customers will be eligible. A Perka member reaches "Regular" status after a set number of visits that you can customize when you create the bonus.



Setting up a VIP Bonus lets your very best customers earn points at a faster rate. You want to set the number of visits high enough to encourage them to come in more often. 



Reward your customers on their birthday with the Birthday Bonus. After receiving it, they have 30 days to redeem the bonus. Once a customer has redeemed a Birthday Bonus, they cannot receive another until one year after first becoming eligible.



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