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How do I handle split bill payments for Rewards on my Clover device?

Jacob Schuit -


The default setting for Rewards when working with a split bill is to award one customer all earned points for the entire table, essentially giving one customer the points earned by everyone.

However, if you want to reward customers individually for their purchases on a split bill you can do so through the Tables App on your Clover station.  The Tables App allows you to manage tables, servers and orders grouped by guest.


When you have an order started for a table and it's time to ring up the transaction you can so by processing each customer as a separate order by selecting "leave Table" and then "Pay for Items".  This simple work around allows each guest to earn the points that correspond their individual order.



Once the "Pay for Items" option has been selected, you can follow the traditional Rewards process by choosing "Next" followed by "Perka" and then the corresponding name in the list of currently checked in customers.


If you are trying to print the Perka sign-up code receipt, simply follow the same instructions listed above without choosing Perka prior to finishing the transaction. Here is some additional information on the Perka sign-up code functionality.

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