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Get customers started with your loyalty program using sign-up code receipts!

Jacob Schuit -


Make enrollment in your Rewards loyalty program fast and irresistible. When the sign-up code feature is enabled, Rewards will automatically print a claim code for your customers to help them sign up.

To get their points, customers redeem the unique three word sign-up code by sending the code as a text message or entering it in the Perka mobile app. The sign-up code expires thirty days after the purchase. 




This feature is automatically active when you set up your Rewards program. You can change your print settings on your Clover device. Open Rewards and select the settings icon in the upper right corner. Note: these settings can only be accessed by an employee with Clover admin permissions.




The sign-up code receipts will only print if:

  • A customer makes a purchase and checks-in with the Perka app, but does not get credit
  • A customer makes a purchase but does not check in
  • A customer makes a purchase but has never checked in
  • The clerk taps Perka at checkout and selects "Print invitation" (when print settings are set to manual).

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