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What do I get when I become a VIP?

Joel -


If a business has a VIP bonus set up you have the opportunity to earn perks faster! You'll reach VIP status once you've made a set number of Perka visits at the business.


If you reach VIP status in the middle of filling up a punchcard, the next new punchcard will automatically give you one bonus punch. Each new punchcard will start with a punch filled in.

In the example below, the VIP customer will now only need to buy 9 burgers instead of 10 for a free one.




The merchant below chose to reward their VIPs with a 25% bonus. If a customer who has not reached VIP status purchases something for $100, they would receive 100 points. With the 25% bonus, the VIP on the right gets an additional 25 points for a total of 125 points.




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