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How do I award/redeem Rewards through the Clover Register?

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Once you have set up your Rewards program, you're ready to roll it out to your customers. Giving your customers points is a seamless experience through Clover's Register app. If your customer is checked in via the Perka app, you'll be able to reward them for their purchase. 

For instructions on how to redeem a QR Code, click here


Ring up a transaction and select "Pay."




Select Perka at the payment screen.



Select your customer from the here now sidebar



You can see how many points Joe will earn with this purchase, as well as his new balance. Also if Joe has any redeemable perks, you'll see them here as well.

If you'd like to award Joe one of his available perks, just tap the plus.png next to the available perk. Free items are linked to your inventory, so rest assured that the proper item should be discounted and accounted for in your reporting.



This will bring you back to the payment screen so you can finish the transaction. The points will be awarded to Joe as soon as payment is complete. Reminder: Points are awarded on pre-tax purchases and points are rounded up




For customers redeeming with a QR code:

1. Follow the steps above to get to the here now validator

2. Select "Scan a Perka code" and follow instructions on screen to use your Clover device to scan the QR code. Customers will receive a QR code if they decide not to download the Perka app.


3. The price of the redeemed perk will be removed from the order and you can continue to check out the customer's order transaction. 



Linking a Clover inventory item to Rewards


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