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How do I add my logo and wallpaper to show in the Perka app?

Joel -


Including your logo and a background image will improve your visibility in the Perka app and help your customers find your loyalty program.


From your Rewards dashboard, select the Program tab. Hover over your banner and click "Edit your store branding."



Upload your logo and wallpaper from your computer or link your program to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. We automatically take care of resizing and formatting your wallpaper photo for the Perka app to work on a variety of devices. Click "Save" when you're done.

*Use a JPEG or PNG. The maximum logo file size limit is 1 MB and must be at least 160x160 px. The wallpaper file size limit is also 1 MB and must be at least 600 x 210 px.



After uploading, your logo and wallpaper will appear in the Perka app.




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