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How to adjust customers' points through the Rewards dashboard

Joel -


If you need to add or remove points from a customer's account, you can do so through the History tab of your Rewards dashboard.


Search for the customer by their name or email address and you'll see a chronological list of all their Perka transactions. You can hover on a transaction to edit or click on the customer's name to see their profile.



Select "Adjust" to add or remove points. 



Use the +/- symbols to adjust their points, or type in the number of points you need to add or remove. When removing points, make sure the minus (-) sign is in front of the number you wish to remove.



The transaction will be listed as a Dashboard Adjustment, with a time stamp of when you made the edit.



Note: For punchcard-style programs, the maximum number of points you can add per adjustment is equal to the number of punches that are listed on a blank card. Balances cannot become negative.

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