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How do I link my inventory to Rewards?

Joel -



When you create a reward that offers a free item, you must link it to your inventory. This ensures that the item is properly discounted and tracked for inventory purposes. When a customer makes a qualifying purchase and checks in with Perka, they will automatically receive the corresponding number of points during the transaction. 


During setup on your Clover, we'll automatically suggest a program based on your business type. If you decide to offer a free item, you'll be able to link inventory on the next page.



Select the relevant items or categories from your inventory to link to your program. Tap "Include items" when you're done, and continue setup.



When your loyalty program is set up, you can make any changes to linked inventory items through your Rewards dashboard. In the Program tab, select the pencil icon to edit your offer.



Select "Edit Items" and then search for qualifying items by name or the SKU associated with them. You can link as many items as you want, including entire categories. 



Select the items/categories you want to link and click "Include Items" when you're finished.



Remember: Your customers will earn points when they make any qualifying inventory purchase and they will be able to receive those items free when they have enough to redeem.

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