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My code isn’t working

Joel -


Are you seeing a message that your code is not valid?




It could be one of the following issues:


1. Is it a real code? Make sure the sign-up code you entered matches the one shown on your receipt. Usually it's just a typo.



2. Is it expired? Sign-up codes are only valid for 30 days after your original purchase, so be sure to check the expiration date.



3. Has it already been used? Once a code has been applied to a new or existing Perka account, it cannot be used again.



4. Have you reached your daily limit? You can only enter a limited number of sign-up codes within a 24-hour period.




5. Does the merchant still support the offer? If the merchant has ended the offer or no longer uses Perka, you will not be able to redeem it. For any questions for the merchant, tap on the Feedback button to leave a note to the manager.


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