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Do I have an account?

Joel -


Can’t remember if you created a Perka account (or even multiple accounts)?

Here are a few ways to check:


Try signing in with any email addresses you may have used to sign up.


IMG_0135.PNG  IMG_0136.PNG  IMG_0192.PNG


If you don't know your password, you can try resetting it.


IMG_0173.PNG  IMG_0171.PNG  IMG_0172.PNG 


Have you previously texted a receipt code? Try signing in with your phone number.


IMG_0138.PNG  IMG_0174.PNG  IMG_0145.PNG


Note: If you’ve accidentally created a second account with either phone number or email address, you can merge your points balance and perks from the two accounts by linking them in your profile.  

Sometimes, people don’t realize that they haven’t created an account. Signing up for a Perka account will help make sure you keep your points safe.

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