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Tips for creating successful promos!

Joel -


We want to make sure you send successful promos to your customers that will keep them coming back!

Here are some tips that we've found during our research of successful merchants:


Create a $-off or %-off promo. These are the most successful promo types, since they’re non-specific and appeal to everyone.




Set your promo to last a bit longer. A promo with a longer duration gives customers more opportunity to redeem.




Print your promosWhen you create a real-time promo, you now have the option to share it as a printed receipt for your customers to redeem.




Connect to social media. All of your Facebook and Twitter followers will be eligible to earn your promo when it's posted.




Turn on Feedback to increase your audience.



Create an audience builder to get more of your customers signed up to receive promos.




Make sure you tell your employees about the offer. And ask them to circle the promo on the receipt after it prints.




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