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Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share your promos

Joel -


When you create real-time promos, you have the option to share them to your Facebook and Twitter followers. Even if you don't have anyone in your audience yet, you can send promos out to all of your social media followers. Sign in to your Promos dashboard and select "Connect to social media" from the Settings menu.



Use the buttons to connect Promos to Facebook and Twitter. You will be prompted to log in to your account if you are not currently signed in. Note: When linking to Facebook, you will be asked to link to your personal account. This is just to gain access to your business page. We'll never post anything on your behalf through your personal page.



When you're done creating your promo, you'll see the option to share it to your social media followers in addition to your audience.



The promo will automatically post to your social media page(s).



Your customers can click the link provided and enter their email address to claim the offer and join your audience!



The customer will receive a special code that you can scan using your Clover when they're ready to pay.



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