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Send a Promo from the Customers app

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In the Customers app, you now have the option to select "Create a Promo" to send a special offer to your participating customers.



You'll be directed to create a promo to build your audience using the Promos app.



Create a customized promo that will be sent to eligible customers.



The promo will print for customers who are eligible to receive promos. Customers become eligible when they have made a certain number of purchases in the time frame you've set up.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why aren’t my existing customers’ contact info included in my promos Audience?

We respect the “Allow Marketing” privacy setting for your Customers in your Customers database. We’ve found that creating an incentive via our Audience Builder tool is a fast and easy way to build your audience and easily jump-start the connection to your Customers. Your customers have the ability to set their notification preferences to decide what works best for them (Push Notifications via the Perka app, SMS, or email).


Why isn’t Promos importing my customers that have the “Allow Marketing” checkbox checked?

We’re adding the final touches to an automatic import function that will include these customers in your Audience. This feature will be coming soon as we continue to enhance the functionality of the Promos app. Check back here for updates!


How can I reach more of my customers through social media?

When you link Promos to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, your real-time promo will automatically be posted for your customers to claim via the Perka app. You can link your social media accounts at

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